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SKU: 4589757912027
  • HYLA original Trident sound Engine 2nd Generation inside.
  • 20Hz-45kHz wide frequency response.
  • Special order made High grade OFHC cable.
  • Original multi way Ballistic Nylon (1050D) hard case collaborated with Japan VanNuys.

Limited 300 pcs production

Only 300 limited pcs available worldwide.



Built with genuine medical grade Germany imported resin, jewelry field 3D structural design and molding technologies, ergonomically sampled and engineered combining with Trident sound Engine Technology 2nd Generation for ground breaking performance.

Redesigned Titanium nozzles and Stainless sound tubes improve the sound quality of  crossover.



Meticulously engineered with piezoelectric ceramic super tweeter with 7 layers of special coating aligned on the same axis with dual Sonion drivers.

Exceeding 20kHz high frequencies with stable output,Sarda also effortlessly replays acoustic qualities of instruments with precise harmonies.



2pin CIEM pin design with recessed socket gold plated pins for maximum durability and stable connection, allowing cable rolling and upgrades!

Special hand made earphone cable with high grade OFHC material is developed for Sarda ONLY.


Original VanNuys multi-purpose hard case

Made with tough nylon (1050D Ballistic Nylon), the hard case made in Japan is picked from the VanNuys collection and coming with every set. Designed to fit earphones and accessories with the multi-space design, attachable to other bags in the series.

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