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On 12th. Nov. 2017 Cyras Co., Ltd. Japan (CEO YOSHIAKI HIRAI) announced the Japanese Hi-End audio brand HYLA. 

HYLA is supervised under renowned professional audio management company – Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd. Products under HYLA are co-engineered by Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.’s engineering team.

HYLA the latest brand under CYRAS Japan is formed with a simple vision - combining years of experience in product development and evolute, and to develope true quality products in the Hi-res era that houses impressive sound and design. We hope to bring to you uncompromised sound designs with luxury designs, and an evolution in the sound appreciation hobby. Make gorgeous sound a reality is HYLA's only mission. 

Brand Operator:

     Cyras Co., Ltd.


     20th. March, 2014

Principal shareholder:

     Nichiei Intec Co., Ltd.

     Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.


     Yoshiaki Hirai

Executive Officer:

     Koji Takagawa

     Osamu Ueda


     5F, Nichiei-Intec No.2 BLD., 3-42-5, Taito, Taito District, Tokyo, Japan

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