LA-1 Nerva X

LA-1 Nerva X

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  • Hand made jewelry grade Silver housing
  • Well sealed chamber with premium isolation
  • 20Balanced Armatures(BA) in total for an impressively detailed presentation
  • Special vented drivers are adapted for the mid frequencies to match acoustic characteristics of the silver chamber.
  • HYLA x VanNuys multipurpose nylon & genuine leather carrying pouch.

925Silver housed 10balanced armature iem - LA-1 Nerva X

The ultimate luxury form of portable audio


The resonation of the fine metal housings work together with the tuning to interpret your music with great detail, while standing waves are attenuated to give great dynamics yet not fatiguing sound. 


The premium made in Japan storage pouch features two compartments so that you could store the two earpieces separately to avoid scratches.